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Pete Special died Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pete Special was a lifelong friend of Chicago Studio Club’s Fred Starr (and the Starr family). They grew up a few blocks from each other, in Wheaton, IL. Having known Pete for over half a century, the loss is especially heartbreaking. The news came as a shock, it was hard to fathom, unbelievable, Pete Special is dead, at age 62.

Chicago Studio Club photo of Pete Special

Chicago Studio Club took this photo less than a year ago, at the Bill Starr Memorial Jubilee, a show that Fred put together to celebrate the life of his brother Bill (who died last year). This is one of the reasons why we chose it for our Play On Pete goodbye poster, it was taken on a special occasion, for both Pete AND the Starr family.

Over the years, Chicago Studio Club filmed Pete performing at quite a variety of live music venues in the Chicago area. Some of the Chicago musicians we saw Pete play with include, Joe Kelley, Bobby Diamond, Merle Perkins, Phil Gratteau,  Stacy McMichael, Roberto Aguilera, Tom Leddy, Steve Thomas, Jon Spiegel, Mick Archer, David Thornton, Paul Coscino, John Maloney, Billy Corston, John Bowes, Matt Longbons, Rich Lapka, Alejo Poveda, Steve Eisen, Chris Hambone Hammer, Dave Sims and many more. Check out this playlist and hear for yourself!

The night before Pete died, there was a wonderful birthday celebration for his beloved wife Patricia “Tricia” Goldschmidt, including live music. A good time was had by all, and this is comforting to know, that at least he was doing what he loved, playing music and enjoying time with his beautiful wife.

Pete is survived by his mom, brother, wife Tricia and a son and daughter.

A memorial is being planned and will be announced on this website and on Pete’s facebook page.



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